Spheres & Beams | Sept – Oct 2014


For HUI- Temple Collection

Rose Morant is now embarking on a series of large sculptures like monumental jewellery pieces specifically created for the Temple Collection. This is a reflection on Scale, Time and Space.

Rose has always worked with the best natural materials. To anchor her work throughout the ground of the Temple Hotel Beijing, she uses large ancient “earthy” wooden beams as key elements for giant necklaces. She hangs them to “the sky” and place on them glowing golden “moon” spheres.

Rose also installs on the “ground” a “galaxy” of giant beads creating a necklace of “planets” made of palladium, golden and black lacquer.

These spheres are made of flowers collected from Buddhist Temples. These flowers, and the multiple thoughts and memories of their donors, are now recycled and permanently captured into these globes which now radiate within Rose’s Galaxy Jewellery Collection.

Places, materials, thoughts can always be recycled or reincarnated into a new shining dimension. A perfect exhibition for th

Rose Morant 在东景缘

拥有珠宝设计背景的 Rose Morant ,目前正在为 Temple Collection 独家创作包括珠宝雕塑在内的一系列大型雕塑。这些作品展现了

Rose 在作品里一直坚持运用最优秀的天然素材。为了将她的作品固定在东景缘的地面上,Rose 使用古老而原始的长木梁作为大型

同时,Rose 也在“地面”上装置了由大颗的珠子组成的“星系”,用钯以及金色和黑色的漆创造出一条“星球”的项链。这些球体是由在佛院收集的鲜花做成的。这些鲜花与花上承载着的信徒们的万千思绪和记忆,将作为Rose的珠宝星系展的一部分,一起被永远封存在这些“星球”里。

不管是场所,材料还是想法,总是能够被回收或重新塑造,脱胎换骨成一个全新闪亮的存在。为了庆祝 2014 北京设计周,一个赋有极致魅力的展览将由 Temple Collection 倾情为您呈现。



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