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Following a narrow trail, the traveler walks through mountains and crosses lakes under starlit nights, his breath mingling with the elements as he begins to perceive the bigger picture and make connections. It is thus that Rose Morant’s work emerges in the perception of the viewer.

Through an intimate approach, and drawing from animist traditions, Rose Morant aims to restore a cosmic awareness of the world. She links this intimate feeling of being one with a wider frame to sense memories: the surface of black water in a Tokyo pond covered in bright, translucent lily pads, the golden leaves of a Russian fall, shattered glass in the aftermath of a typhoon in Hong Kong, or droplets of water suspended on lotus flowers along Asian lakes.

Seizan Gallery presents the installation Pond in four different seasons, an inner landscape carried by the deep light emanating from shades and textures of black. Pond restores this inner movement with endless attention to the materials it features.

Constance de Monbrison, Head of Insulinde Collections, Quai Branly Museum, Paris.


Essay by Constance de Monbrison

Essai par Constance de Monbrison


                                                                                                     Photo by Guillaume Ziccarelli

Seizan Gallery

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