Heavy, as powerful pieces of drift-wood brought ashore – these beams can also be light when they are made to fly by the artist.
In a tour-de-force they are suspended by gold chains and swing defying gravity – Another example of duality. They are lightly worked on, their secular wooden texture sometimes inlayed with gold pieces.

Constance de Monbrison, curator, Musée du Quai Branly, Paris
Lourdes, comme échouées sur la grève, les poutres peuvent aussi être légères lorsqu’elles quittent la terre. Travail minimal, incrustation aléatoire d’or dans le bois.
Ben Salabay Temple Drawing

Temple Hotel Beijing

The Temple is one of the rare vestiges of the Ming Dynasty. Transformed by the Communist Party into a factory producing television sets, it later became derelict. In 2011, the art collector Juan van Wassenhove turned it into the Temple, which was renovated using raw materials found on the site and most notably hosted James Turrell’s “Open Sky” installation.

Drawing by Ben Salabay