Coming from a jewellery background, Rose Morant is now embarking on a series of large sculptures like monumental jewellery pieces specifically created for the Temple Collection. This is a reflection on Scale, Time and Space.

Rose has always worked with the best natural materials. To anchor her work throughout the ground of the Temple Hotel Beijing, she uses large ancient “earthy” wooden beams as key elements for giant necklaces. She hangs them to “the sky” and place on them glowing golden “moon” spheres. Rose also installs on the “ground” a “galaxy” of giant beads creating a necklace of “planets” made of palladium, golden and black lacquer.

These spheres are made of flowers collected from Buddhist Temples. These flowers, and the multiple thoughts and memories of their donors, are now recycled and permanently captured into these globes which now radiate within Rose’s Galaxy Jewellery Collection.

Places, materials, thoughts can always be recycled or reincarnated into a new shining dimension